Task 1: Idea Development (Improved)

The RPG genre has been around digitally for multiple decades (as early as 1974) as a result, every graphical style has been used in the creation of RPGs. Pixel-Art, Cel-Shaded, Abstract, and Photorealistic styles have all been used in creating RPG games. Although nowadays, the more popular and well known RPGs are focused on being photorealistic to create an immersive and lifelike experience, but you will still find many RPGs where other graphics styles are used. For my game, I would like to use an Abstract style, focusing on being cartoony while still being semi realistic.

Research Sources





Concepts (Digital and paper based)

This is a concept of a portal amongst many, that the player will use to travel to different planets.Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 15.15.20Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 15.17.06

This is one of the different planets that the player will travel to.


These are a few early concepts of the different types of characters I will include in the game.

Annotated soldier

annotated squid

Here is an idea of what I would like the finished monster to look like:spooppy

Annotated demon

Here is an early concept of the main menu:

Annotated menu

And here is how the idea of the main menu has developed into digital form:annotated portal.png

Here is a very early concept of the in-game HUD:Annotated HUD.jpg

Finally, here are some early drawn and digital concepts of the game’s weapons:annotated scythe 1

anno scythe 2

flame scythe image

anno axe

anno axe 3.jpg

ice axe image

anno mace.jpg

mace image






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