Task 2: Write A Report

Task 2: Write a Report

OLD task 2 write a report

I am using Cinema 4D to create my environment. This is the software we have been using frequently at college, this software allows you to create 3D assets to a professional standard. I have chosen this software because it is the software I have the most experience in, using other softwares may leave me at a disadvantage as I would have to take time learning how to use it. This software is capable of creating and rendering 3D environments and models. It can also create animated scenes. This software is somewhat limited however, if you create a model or environment too complex, it may take a long time to render and may also have framerate issues making it difficult to continue using the software. This issue of course varies depending on the power of your computer.

Other programmes such as blender are also capable of creating 3D models, however there are things that hold these softwares back also such as having a difficult to use interface, which creates a steep learning curve for the user. Overall Cinema 4D has an advantage over many other softwares as it a good and easy to use software, while other programs can also create professional products, they may lack the utility that Cinema 4D has. Another advantage of Cinema 4D is that it has a lot of export options, making it a very versatile software to use for the creation of 3D assets. Cinema 4D can export directly into popular compositing software such as After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Combustion, Photoshop and others. For my tasks at college, I have had success using this software so far, not only has it allowed me to create an environment at a pace which allows me to finish before the deadline easily, but it has also allowed me to create the environment that I had in mind, with results similar to how I imagined them.

If I ever changed my mind on a certain part of the environment that I did not like or was not working the way I intended, I was easily able to overcome this problem by improvising and creating something else that suits my desired environment. Having been using this software for just over two months, I’ve found it easy to learn and easy to use with successful results. My environment is now finished and now I need only to add a camera, render the project, and put it on WordPress.

I am finding it difficult finish the project however, the high polygon count in my finished environment makes the framerate drop and often makes it difficult to add the camera to create the overview of my environment, this is the biggest problem I have had with Cinema 4D so far, another problem, although not as bad, is it can often take a while to render an image, meaning that rendering the overall product and putting it into a short movie will be a longer process.


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