Task 3: Seeking and Obtaining Work

Maintaining Workflow

It will be important to maintain a workflow throughout a freelance career, especially if it is a long career that lasts multiple years, as freelance tends to be much less reliable than employed work since the quantity of work and payment vary wildly overtime.

One of the most important priorities is communication, fortunately, social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, and freelancer.com make it very easy to communicate with potential clients or customers, however, this also makes it easier for competitors to do the same, so it will be important to get ahead by making sure that my social media outlets are professional, friendly, and update consistently, as well as communicating to as wide an audience as possible through things such as leaflets, flyers, promotions, business cards and portfolios. This strategy should hopefully help to keep a constant form of communication with clients over a long period of time, as well as a steady flow of paid work to do. Having a decent amount of contacts would be a good idea, especially since some of them may want to use my services again in the future, if they found my work to be satisfactory the first time. There are all sorts of ways I can maintain contact with these people, as well as the social networks listed above, it shouldn’t be difficult to stay in contact via email, Skype, phone etc.

Time management and deadlines will also be another crucial priority, not only for the the rate at which i produce work, but also to make sure that the client is satisfied and would consider using me again. I think with every task I undertake, it will be important to make sure that I have the deadline in mind, and make sure that I am making sufficient progress each day in order to reach the deadline. A good way to do this would be to create a timetable or schedule, with each task that needs doing split into different sections, this would be a good strategy not only for completing the tasks on time, but also maintaining the skills needed to perform in the various freelance areas and make sure that I am staying productive. Meeting all deadlines on time will ensure that I set a good example for potential future clients, and that my punctuality can be demonstrated on my portfolio on websites such as Freelancer and Odesk.

Since freelance often varies wildly with the amount of work available, it would also be a good idea to dedicate some time to training myself in other forms of freelance, as a contingency plan for when available work becomes scarce. This can serve as a secondary time priority that should be fit into a smaller section of my timetable, so that some time is dedicated to it occasionally. This should more areas of freelance work even more accessible in the future.

Job Searches and Suitability 

This is an exercise in order to see find suitable freelance work that would be feasible and reasonable to undertake.


On this website, contractors can place a skill level on their desired work,  as an indicator to the freelancer of the type of experience they will need to carry out their task. The levels are: Entry level < Intermediate < Expert. The running theme seems to be that the expert level work seems to pay a lot more, since it is a lot more challenging. With that being said, it would probably be the most sensible option to start off with the entry-level jobs that are available, and possibly the intermediate ones if they seem feasible. Here are a few jobs that I think are suitable for my personal skill area:

Screenshot (278)

Screenshot (279)

Screenshot (280)

These are just a few examples of what I believe to be suitable freelance work to start off with, until my skills are developed enough to tackle expert tasks.


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